Subzero cryotherapy is one of the most effective cryotherapy solutions for your sports recovery needs. It enables you to assist injured body parts quickly, safely and effectively – all while using your body’s own natural healing processes to amazing effect!
Subzero Cryotherapy utilizes CO2 at -110 degrees at very high pressure and delivers a very targeted and extremely effective local cryotherapy session. Designed to deliver the safest and most effective localized cryotherapy sessions. If you work or live within a 15-mile radius of our office, we can bring our Sub-Zero Local Cryotherapy to you. Perfect for people with aches and pains who want instant relief, or for small groups and parties looking for a Cryo Facial. Whatever your needs are, we have an option available for you!


Sub-Zero Cryotherapy provides rapid pain relief and overall faster recovery from sports injuries through targeted cold therapy.
Some benefits include:
Muscle Relaxant

How Localized Cryotherapy Sessions Work

The subzero cryotherapy machine uses pressurized CO2 gas to target a local area of the body and cause “thermal shock.” The sudden decrease in temperature rapidly activates the body’s healing response, and this is where cryotherapy’s benefits really shine. Within minutes after treatment, your body is responding to the thermal shock and relaxing your muscles, moving fresh blood and nutrients to the treated area, and reducing pain signals. You’ll be amazed how quickly cryotherapy treatment can reduce your pain and speed your recovery!

Pain Management

Get help with sports injuries, rehabilitation, and workout recovery with localized cryotherapy from our new cryo device. This device makes it easy to target specific areas that need treatment. Swollen joints, pulled muscles, and even surgery spots can now be targeted and hit with subzero temperatures that bring a world of healing and benefits to the body.
1-on-1 specialized treatment 
Works with you to lower pain in specific areas of the body
Quick relief
Sub-Zero Localized Cryotherapy (In Studio)

Monthly pricing now available through Cherry Payment Plans! Must apply for eligibility.

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