According to most fitne­ss specialists, workout recovery is just as important (if not more so) than the actual workout. Athletes of all levels are embracing the use of compression boots for recovery. The bulky devices can be quite strange at first, but, the fact is, the best compression boots really do work. Using air chambers, these boots pump up and compress your legs and feet to encourage blood flow and help you recover from a strenuous workout. The goal is to get back into shape faster, feel less sore, and help you perform better when you're ready for another workout. In other words, compression boots provide active recovery without the need to actually be active. It means you can reap the benefit of active recovery while working from a desk, reading, or even just scrolling TikTok.


Increase range of motion
Reduces muscle soreness
Allows us to train harder
Faster recovery
Improves circulation and blood flow
Accelerates healing
Better flexibility
Premium pressure and custom settings

How do Compression Boots help?

Compression boots help you recover faster and less sore, including delayed onset muscle pain (DOMS), which occurs when you feel sore after running for several days. They are most effective when worn immediately after exercising, such as after a leg strengthening workout or running. They're an addition to your post-exercise stretch and cooldown routine. Compression boots are designed for your legs because that’s where most of the swelling occurs after exercise. Some styles do come with arm sleeves to help with any sore spots.

Compression boots are a good way to improve your training. They're particularly beneficial for runners and people who play ball sports (like soccer or basketball) where their legs get really sore, but they can also be useful for lifters and CrossFit athletes.
SLS3 Compression Boots
*1 Session Per Day.
Customize your Recovery - Optimize your Performance

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