Why so important? 

Whether you're an athlete or someone who has incurred an injury and wants to resume regular exercise without experiencing discomfort, here at Cryo Republic we can help you. We strive to show all of San Diego more alternatives to healing and promote the movement of the fast recovery and dynamic healing you may be looking for. Give your body help as it naturally recovers and heals itself.

You will be able to recover fast and aid your body with pain management with services like Vibro-Acoustic Therapy, or our Compression Boots. There is a whole world of alternative healing that we specialize in to make sure you can get back to 100% and feel your best. For added relief, we even carry products like Receptra Naturals CBD to give you extra care at home that stays in the natural world of healing


Aids in lymphatic drainage, which will slim the appearance of the arms and legs (since they contain less fluid), ease pain and discomfort, and purify the body.


By making the body work harder by applying cold temperatures, cryotherapy can aid in weight loss. Exercise and modifying eating habits are additional effective and secure weight loss methods.

Infrared Sauna

Offer a special form of treatment that promotes the body to eliminate toxins and supports self-healing processes so that the body can regain balance and improve health. As well as promoting calmness, sleep, and energy, the non-invasive therapy combines compression, far infrared, and deep pressure.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Super excited this wellness spa has everything that I need! I was told to get cryotherapy for a knee injury. I first noticed how nice the studio smelled, very clean and modern. After my cryo appointment I was curious what other services are offered. John was very attentive, gave me a tour and a quick demonstration with an acoustic bed, I will be adding that service on my next cryo appointment. I can’t wait for my next session!!!
Melanie Mendoza
HIGHLY recommend the Insta Sculpt with Kat!! She was so attentive during the session making sure that I was comfortable and took 1.5 inches off my waist in an hour session - I'll definitely be back!!
Savannah Dupin
This place is brand new & state of the art. They’ve done an amazing job bringing some of the best wellness technology to the San Diego area. You walk in and feel relaxed, welcomed and at home right away! I’ve tried every machine and can say they all work wonders for your physical and mental health. The vibroacoustic bed was life changing for me! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable & fun! Do yourself a favor and get in there asap! You won’t regret how you look & feel.
Elizabeth Pena
The place is super clean, they are very accommodating and their units are almost futuristic. I walked out of there feeling like I was floating on cloud 9. Most days I don't get the best sleep because of anxiety and old injuries, that night I didn't wake up once. I highly recommend the "Bio Harmonics Vibroacoustic Bed '' that might be a game changer.
I usually do not write reviews but this place is amazing. I made an appointment with Kat to try this new service called InstaSculpting. Noninvasive way to get an amazing results. I have lost an inch around my waist on my first visit . I saw smoother skin on my face after just one session. Cannot wait to see the final results after I complete my package. The place has a great vibe, offering a lot of different services. The VibroAcustic bed therapy is on my list next. Kat was very friendly and did an amazing job!
Kveta Lominsky
Incredible facility! Well equipped to effectively treat all your physical ailments. Loved the Cryotherapy tank! John was very professional, kind and knowledgeable in helping me better understand how to treat my injuries.
Jeremy Vargas

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