October 11, 2022

All you need to know about Cryo

Cryotherapy is used for many great benefits. Extreme cold temperatures can help you to slim down a couple of inches before a big event, ease some pain to get you through a tough time. We outlined all the basics you need to know before you go through your first session here. 

What is Cryo Therapy?

Cryotherapy is another name for cold therapy. It functions by decreasing blood flow to a specific area, which greatly reduces swelling and inflammation that cause pain, particularly around a joint or tendon. It may momentarily lessen nerve activity, which eases pain. 

How it works

Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to reduce blood flow in the body that may be experiencing swelling and inflammation. The extremely cold temperatures can even help to kill off certain cells that may be disrupting your body. Think of it like a more focused ice pack. It is often used as a much faster form of treatment as sessions only take a few minutes. 

What are the benefits?

Cryotherapy is used for many things, it can be used to alleviate pain caused by swelling or inflammation. It can be used to remove minor blemishes from skin, and even get rid of certain cells when used in a more concentrated form. 

Should I use Cryotherapy?

The practice of Cryotherapy has been used for centuries and is known to help with things like arthritis and promote fast recovery from injuries. It is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with severe anemia, Cryoglobinaemia, or Seizure disorder.

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